Frequently Asked Questions


Hours of Operation

     Monday through Friday 9am-5pm
     Saturdays CLOSED
     Sunday CLOSED

TLC Event Rentals follows the hours of operation to the best of our ability, however due to holidays, bridal shows, employee events and other unforeseen circumstance, please call ahead.



TLC Event Rentals’ consultants are available with an appointment, which is mandatory on Saturdays.


Delivery and Pick Up Hours

     Monday through Friday 9am-5pm
     Saturday 9am-5pm (DELIVERY)

TLC Event rentals offers after hour delivery or pick up for an additional fee.  The fee is calculated upon day, time, rentals and difficulty.

Also, clients are not permitted to pick up items in an open bed pick up truck or trailer. Items must be transported inside an enclosed vehicle such as an SUV or box truck. If the pick up truck has a custom hard cover over the back bed that is acceptable.


Setup or Teardown Fees

    Tables                                 $1.50
    Linens                                 $2.00
    Chairs                                 $1.00
    Chair Covers and Sash      $1.75


How do I reserve my rentals?

TLC Event Rentals required 50% down deposit to reserve your rentals.  The total balance is due fourteen (14) days prior to delivery or pick up date. All payments are non-refundable.


Why can’t I delete an item after reserving my rentals?

TLC Event Rentals has been reserving the item for you.  In doing so, we have been turning down business to ensure your items are available for your event.

How much is delivery?

Delivery fees are based on the location. We also require orders to be at least $150 worth of rentals to be eligible for delivery within the Dallas/Fort Worth area (minimum requirement increases as delivery location moves further out), but if you require delivery in the DFW metroplex we can accomodate smaller orders for a total order fee of $265.

How do I know if I need a site visit?

TLC Event Rentals offers site visits for a fee of $50.00.  Since all events are unique, we recommend a call to our office to discuss if a site visit is necessary.


Do I need to clean china, flatware, glassware or linens?

TLC Event Rentals provides the above mentioned items clean and ready to use, however we do not expect the items to be returned clean.  The items must be put back into their delivery containers with excess food removed.  If the linens do get damp or wet we suggest you let them air dry to prevent any additional charges.


What am I responsible for?

You are responsible for all rental items from the time it is delivered or picked up to the time it is picked up or returned back to TLC Event Rentals.  During this time, if the items are damaged due to weather, theft, misuse or any other negative factor, you are responsible to pay for the replacement of the items.