Krystal Kingsberry

Position: Consultant
Hometown: Natchez, Mississippi
Education: Richland Community College


TLC was fortunate to have found a self motivated employee with a strong sense of customer service. Her knowledge and background on rentals has surpassed customer's expectations and is appreciated by all. Besides her outstanding customer service, her team work is refreshing and recognized by her co-workers.









Monica Gonzalez

Position: Assistant Customer Service
Hometown: Irving, Texas
Education: Irving High School

Monica is our studious assistant who assist TLC Event Rentals through office duties and customer data information. Customer find her calm demeanor soothing and her personality helpful to work with. Monica is the go to person to find your needs through her knowledge and her ability to direct you.





Yong Kelly

Position: General Manager
Hometown: Plano, Texas
Education: University of North Texas

Yong is known as an experienced planner with the ability to make an event look exclusive with a few budget friendly details.  Customers rave about her “wow” affect and creative self-inspired designs.  Her knowledge and love of the industry has helped many upcoming event planners, caterers and venues.  Her relationship with brides is so strong, that they have been avid supporters of TLC Event Rentals, and with that, their friends and families have followed.





Stan Kelly

Position: Owner/President
Hometown: Hackensack, NJ
Education: Purdue University

Stan leads the company with a mission to provide quality rental equipment and outstanding customer service at an affordable price.  He strives to be your rental partner in the Dallas Fort Worth business and social community by providing your events with clean and reliable party rental equipment.  He trains his staff to be dedicated and to exceed customer’s expectations.  He recognizes the reality that true success will come when customer’s experiences with TLC Event Rentals are met with 100% satisfaction.